In The Lion King, Rafiki picks up lion cub Simba and presents him to all the animals in the Pridelands, but when a Russian underwear model tried to do something similar with a real lion cub, things didn't go as well. 

Simba 🦁

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During a photo shoot with a cub, someone played "The Circle of Life" and model Sveta Bilyalova did what any Lion King fan would do and raised the animal up high, the only problem was it had a full bladder, which it emptied in Sveta's face. 

he thinks that i'm his mum and copies me👅

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The clip made for a pretty great video, but was it a little too great? Many people are questioning how real the scene truly is, with skeptics certain someone is standing off camera spraying water in Sveta's face.


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Either way, it's probably best to leave handling dangerous animals to the professionals.